kesä 172020


IIW pääkonttori ilmoittaa, että kauden 2020-2021 IIW virkailijoiden vaalien ääntenlaskenta saadaan vihdoin käyntiin tällä viikolla. Vaalien tulos on odotettavissa aikaisintaan 25.6.

”Election Results 2020-2021 – Update 16th June 2020

The numerous lockdowns around the world are both being relaxed and unfortunately, in some places, imposed again, with the potential of the ‘second wave’ being a very real danger.

There is at last some good news regarding the IIW election count for officers for 2020-2021. IIW’s auditors / count adjudicators have opened their offices, under strict health and safety regulations to protect their employees. They have collected the votes this week and will begin processing, after providing several days for the documents to have been in quarantine, in accordance with scientific / government guidance.

Therefore, the expectation is that the election count will start later this week and consequently that the results will not be available before 25th June at the earliest.

Your patience and concern for IIW’s staff and those of our adjudicators, during this unprecedented situation is very much appreciated and reassuring.

IIW Administration”

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