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National project Life Education

Happier Futures for Children around the World is the umbrella for various ideas and projects. The Challenges towards year 2020 are: Well-being for Children and Adults all over the World, Clean Air, Clean Water, Nutrition, Sustainable Use of Natural Resources.

There are ways we could meet the challenges and keep in mind the number one priority, which is maintaining the healthy living conditions on earth for the generations to come.


We as an organization, which is concerned of the future, will be able to run a positive educational program to combat drug and alcohol abuse and arm children with knowledge to make safer, healthier choices as teenagers and beyond.

In Finland Life Education has during 2013 trained more than 20 000 children.

International Inner Wheel Involvement

Inner Wheel Finland has participated in all conferences of Women for Europe starting in Naples/Italy, Girne/North Cypros, Tuusula/Finland, Turin/Italy, Espoo/Finland, Varna/Bulgaria. Finland has been represented in Women for Africa, in 2012 as well.

In Finland Women for Europe Conferences were  The Role of IW in Tuusula 2010 and Towards Europa 2020 in Hanasaari/Espoo 2014 with the theme ”Let’s leave our Children a Sustainable Planet”.

Women for Europe 3 Tuusula FIN

Women for Europe 3 Tuusula FIN

Women for Europe 3 Tuusula FIN 2

Women for Europe 3 Tuusula FIN 2

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