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I thank you on behalf of all our IW in Turkey. We are deeply impressed, encouraged,and comforted to know there are compassionate friends who will reach at the time of dispair.

We are collaborating with our Rotary in Disaster Relief Activities. I consulted the chairman of the Action group, Omer Kuran, a PDC of RD 2420, (he is the husband of Nurdan Kuran, Charter President of Dalyan IWC,& a member of our convention committee) immediately, to inform you.

The 3 Rotary districts have secured 5000 Shelter Boxes that have started arriving. Shelter Box France is already in the disaster area with 500 SB So it seems to cover the need for tents. Yet if you are decided to still send the boxes, I will send you the details of the necassary procedures. You must send them through The Turkish ”RED CRESCENT” which corresponds to ”RED CROSS”. There are some formalities to go through.

We would suggest for your consideration, sending warm clothes & blankets for babies & children, They are urgently needed as that part of our country is the coldest  & snow is coming. Boots, thick socks & stockings etc. We could buy them here for you if you prefer to send the money you have provided. We can make sure that they reach the right people in short time. Groups of IW & Rotarians are accompanying the vans most of the time.

We also plan (a longer term project) to build a students’ hostel & dormitory,or a nursary school with the aid money we will be able to raise.

These are what I would think of for the moment. We shall keep in touch, I will be looking forward to hear from you. Please convey our deepest feelings of gratitude & heartfelt thanks to all our IW friends in Finland.

Fond Greetings & love,
Ulku Somer

Kiitos Suomen Inner Wheel – uskomattoman nopeasta toiminnasta avun saamiseksi Turkin maanjäristysalueelle. Tarkoituksenamme oli ensin laittaa 2 Shelter Boxia, mutta Rotary-järjestö oli tosi nopea ja tarvittava määrä telttoja saatiin paikalla. Turkin IW-ystävämme kertoivat, että siellä tarvitaan lämpimiä peittoja ja vaatteita vauvoille ja lapsille, koska yöt ovat niin kylmiä. Niinpä meidän 1400 euroa meni tällaiseen tarkoitukseen. Erityiskiitos piirille 139, joka lahjoitti puolet tuosta määrästä.

Raija Hänninen

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