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Inner Wheel is the story of a women´s movement which began in the simplest possible way, through the help given by wives to husbands in their efforts towards the public good.

During the war years in England, the Rotary men were overburdened with service needs so they asked the wives to help. Women joined together formed a bond and found they enjoyed meeting other wives of Rotarians – women they probably would never have met otherwise. When the pressure of war times was over, they realized they did not want to disband-so the first idea of forming a club began.

On January 10, 1924, Mrs Oliver Golding (Margaret), became the first President of an Inner Wheel Club in Manchester, England. The idea of Inner Wheel spread quickly and many clubs were soon formed. The Manchester Club became the model upon which the movement is based. Due to the leadership, inspiration and vision of Mrs. Golding the clubs were formed into districts. Together the districts formed the Association of Inner Wheel in Great Britain and Ireland.

International Inner Wheel began in July 1967

Today, the structure of Inner Wheel is:
  • International Inner Wheel
  • National Councils
  • Non Districted Clubs
  • Districts (4 clubs form a district)
  • Clubs (12 members form a club)

98 173 members, 3691 clubs, 168 districts in 104 countries form Inner Wheel today. Inner Wheel has become one of the largest women´s organizations in the world.

The Objects of Inner Wheel are:
  • To Promote True Friendship
  • To Promote the Ideals of Personal Service
  • To Foster International Understanding

In Brief……Friendship and Service

Each club enjoys close ties with its corresponding Rotary Club/Clubs and is always willing to support and assist Rotary when invited to do so.

Membership is open to:
  • all women interested in Inner Wheel activities


Meetings – Each club has complete freedom of choice to arrange:
  • programs
  • select its own charities and
  • channels of service

Most clubs meet once a month, some meet twice a month.

Typical agenda would include:
  • club matters
  • financial reports
  • upcoming activities
  • speakers can be invited to address the members

There are standing Rules, Bylaws and a Constitution to follow.

International Inner Wheel holds a Convention, open to all members, every three years, the next one will take place in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2015.

Every year there is an international theme. National Council translates it into Finnish, or can leave it in English.

A member may visit another Inner Wheel Club in any country and is always assured a warm welcome. One of the greatest joys of Inner Wheel is the opportunity given to
members all over the world to get to know one another, thus contribution to international friendship and understanding.

The first Inner Wheel club in Finland was established in Järvenpää in 1958.

At this moment there are 4 districts, 39 clubs and 1275 members in Inner Wheel Finland.

Even though we have a strong bond with the Rotary, are we an independent and economically self-sufficient association.

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