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Hei ja tervehdys Charlotte De Vosilta,

Saamme häneltä lämpimän terveyksen sekä infoa, mitä IW-maailmassa on tapahtunut heinäkuun 2015 jälkeen.
Tervehdyksessä on mm. 35 uuden klubin perustaminen sekä jopa 102 jäsenen perustamasta uudesta klubista.
Kaikissa maissa tämä klubien kasvu ei ole kovin helppoa, sen me täällä Suomessa tiedämme. Toisaalta IW-maailmaan on saatu uusi maa, Moldavia.
Governing Body Meetingin pöytäkirja, joka oli lokakuussa 2015, sekä taloudelliset tiedot löytyvät IIW:n sivuilta, samoin äänestystä varten kaikki tarvittavat tiedot.

Alla teksti kokonaisuudessaan ja linkistä voit ladata tervehdyksen tästä IIW_XmasGreetings_2015_by_CdV -PDF-linkistä.

t. Marja


Dear Inner Wheel Friends,        Xmastree              

The end of the calendar year is approaching. In a lot of countries Christmas will be celebrating. Traditionally Christmas is everywhere on earth the symbol of peace. But the world is nowadays facing the violence of terrorism. A lot of our countries have experienced it recently.

Thank you for all your messages of solidarity.  We have all to be United against it. We have to be careful, vigilant…. but life goes on.

So does Inner Wheel life.

Our Unique organisation is growing. Since 1st of July   35 new clubs have been created, some with a unique name as “Chennai Unique” and “Chennai United”. Or a new club with 102 charting members!

Some countries are growing easily; some countries faces more difficulties and do their best to create new clubs as well. I hope we will welcome soon a club in a new IW country Moldavia.

At this time the December mailshot will go out. Pay attention to all documents in it.

You will find the minutes of the Governing Body Meeting of October 2015 with the financial statements of the year 2014-2015.

You will find all voting papers for the next Governing Body.  As democratic organisation, it is important that all clubs use their right to vote.

The elections are for the year 2016-2017. In April 2018 will be held the 17th International Inner Wheel Convention in Melbourne (Australia).  The elected Vice-President  2016-2017 will be the Convention President. 2015_IIW_XmasGreetings_byCDV

And finally you will find my Christmas and New Year wishes. My special thanks to our administrator Elaine for the idea of the Christmas tree combined with the now very famous hands of my 7 grandchildren.

Thanks to my daughter Julie for her modern Christmas tree design, and thanks to my friend and Board Director Ashnadelle Hilmy-Mortagy for the Season’s Greetings card.

Let us all be united in this end of the year, to celebrate in friendship.

“Faith makes all things possible.
Hope makes all things work
Love makes all things beautiful
May you have all the three for 2016”

Charlotte De Vos
IIW President 2015-2016

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